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Association of Osaka poliomyelitis. English page.

Association of Osaka poliomyelitis reopens activity(April 1, 2007 update)(But HomePage Only)

Zenkoku poliomyelitis society Network is this place.

Matters that require attention; N.B(nota bene)

A homepage of Association of Osaka poliomyelitis uses a free homepage of yahoo
Finance of our Association was tight, and started it, and expense of a homepage became it.
Therefore this Association will continue in a yahoo-like free homepage to offer.
Write instructions as follows; thanking you in advance.

This homepage uses yahoo-like free homepage service offering.
Therefore a yahoo-like commercial advertisement is in each page.
We will cooperate with a yahoo-like business activity when put on a link in this homepage.
It is scanned the point carefully, and it please be linked.
We ask for enough attention in Association of Osaka poliomyelitis not bearing every responsibility after it was linked.

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